Can I still use your services even if I can't speak any Japanese?
No problem.
Please start by contacting us. Our staff is available to answer your questions in English, Chinese, Korean, and more.
Do I need a guarantor?
No, a guarantor is not necessary.
We act as a guarantor and provide a guarantee to the lessor. We ask for the contact information of your family and others in case there should be an emergency.
Can students apply?
You can even apply before admission to the school, so please contact us.
Can offices or shops apply?
Please contact us as the necessary documents differ.
What happens if problems arise during tenancy?
Please contact us by telephone or fax anytime you need assistance.
We offer you assistance free of charge while you are using our guarantor service.
Can illegal immigrants apply for tenancy?
Rest assured as we check visa status as a rule.
We also keep track of your visa expiration date for visa renewal purposes.