Foreign Tenants

Japan Housing Trust
helps people from abroad have a comfortable life in Japan!

In Japan, when you rent a living space, having a guarantor (a Japanese one!) is necessary. The living customs and real estate rules also differ from your own country. However, by using our services, not only do we become your guarantor, but also work with you if there are any problems during your tenancy, and help you to have a comfortable life in Japan.

Don't speak Japanese? ,A student? ,No guarantor? ,An office or shop? ,First time in Japan?

Lease Guarantee System

 Step 1 First, apply.

  • Decide where you would like to live.
  • Fill out the application form, gather the necessary documents, and submit them to the realtor.
  • An application form is sent to us from the real estate company by e-mail or fax.

 Step 2 Next, examination of the applicant.

  • We perform an examination based on the application form and necessary documents.
  • We call you, your family, place of employment, etc.
  • We contact the real estate company with the examination results.

 Step 3 Once the examination has been successfully completed, the time comes for the contract.

  • When the lease contract is concluded, you conclude the Guarantor Consignment Contract with us.
  • Along with the necessary down payment for tenancy, you pay the guarantor consignment fee to the real estate company.

Move-inMove-in starts at last!

Tenancy support

We provide free support after move-in to tenants using our guarantor service.

"What should I do when my gas isn't working?"
"I don't understand how to pay my rent."
"I don't understand how to set out my trash."
"Who should I tell when my housing facilities aren't working?"
"I want to add an occupant... Can I?"

Contact us when these thoughts come up. We resolve problems and worries.

Guarantee System