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Japan Housing Trust's Vision

Japan Housing Trust's Vision

People are coming to Japan from other countries in rapidly increasing numbers, and the government hopes to promote inbound business and travel/tourist industry growth in anticipation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Japan is also faced with a shrinking population due to its low birthrate and aging population, and the nation’s very foundation is threatened by a shrinking workforce and the breakdown of the national pension system. As a result, the Japanese government is making it easier for foreign nationals to gain residency permits and is creating an environment which encourages them to settle down in Japan so they can share the responsibility of upholding the country’s systems.

The number of people from overseas coming to Japan not only for tourism, but also for immigration, is likely to increase. If non-native residents were able to enjoy living in Japan while adhering to Japanese customs and etiquette, property owners and real estate companies would be less worried about leasing space to foreign tenants, and this in turn might help to solve the problems of housing vacancies and the shrinking population.

However, those from abroad in search of a place to live in Japan face difficult hurdles that must be overcome. For starters, a large number of properties simply do not welcome non-Japanese people as tenants. Another difficulty is the task of finding a Japanese guarantor for those who have just arrived in Japan.

That’s where we come in. We offer a rental housing guarantor service aimed specifically for people from other countries, alleviating the concerns of foreign tenants, property owners, and real estate companies alike. We also help tenants of foreign origin to familiarize themselves with and abide by Japanese customs and real estate practices, easing the transition toward life in Japan.

This is our way of supporting the dreams of those who desire to live in Japan and assisting Japanese society on its path toward globalization and diversity.

Naoya Shibata
President of Japan Housing Trust Co., Ltd.